The Driving License Fee In UAE


Obtaining a driving license in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is a significant milestone for residents and expatriates. It grants the freedom to navigate the roads of this diverse and dynamic country. However, obtaining a driving license comes with associated costs, which can vary depending on several factors. If you are considering getting this license, here you will understand the UAE car driving license fee.

Basic license fees:

In the UAE, driving license fees are not fixed and can vary based on the emirate in which you apply and other factors such as the type of license and duration. Generally, the basic fees for a UAE driving license include:

Theory classes: These classes cover the traffic laws and regulations in the UAE. The cost can vary from one driving school to another but is typically a few hundred dirhams.

Practical training: Practical lessons, including parking and road driving, are essential to gain the necessary skills. These lessons are conducted through authorized driving schools and may cost around AED 50 to AED 60 per session.

Driving test fees: To take the driving test, you’ll need to pay a fee that depends on the type of license (automatic or manual) and the number of attempts you need.

Additional costs:

In addition to the basic fees, there are other associated costs to consider:

Eye test: A mandatory eye test is required to obtain a driving license. The cost for the eye test varies but is generally affordable.

Theory test: There is a fee for taking the theory test, which assesses your knowledge of UAE traffic rules and regulations.

License issuance fee: Once you pass your driving test, there is a fee for issuing your driving license, which varies based on the emirate.

Licensing center fees: You may also incur additional costs at the licensing center for services such as photo capture and application processing.

License renewal and upgrades:

It’s important to note that your driving license will have an expiry date, and renewal comes with its own set of fees. The cost of renewing your license will depend on the type and duration of the renewal. If you wish to upgrade your license to a different category (e.g., from a light vehicle to a heavy vehicle), there will be fees associated with that as well.

By Mason