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Dave G.
Dave G. See the Video

"My family was told I probably wouldn't survive.  If I had been screened, this all could have been prevented."

Darlene See the Video

"In February of 2001, I lost my Dad to an abdominal aortic aneurysm. If only we had known the risks, he could easily have been screened."

Joe Theismann
Joe Theismann See the Video

"Today my dad is doing great. Because of my family history, I'm also at risk. So I got screened. It was quick and painless. If caught early, AAA is treatable."

Charles and Lois C.
Charles and Lois C. See the Video

Had it not been for the screening, my husband would be gone. What is 15 minutes out of your day? That’s nothing in comparison to being able to say, I am a survivor.

Frank C.
Frank C. See the Video

Go get screened so you don’t have to go through this; because you absolutely don’t want to go through this.